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This part of our web site is dedicated to the 400EX. The menu above will navigate you through 400EX parts only.  We have a ton of great parts and accessories for the 400EX!  We try our best to beat anyone's price so if you see it cheaper call us a 732-385-7423.


View Mods3 400EX Stage 1 Power Kit  
Mods3 Stage 1
Great for the weekend warrior not trying to make too much noise.  We know the 400 already out handles the 450s in the trails but this will give you some nice extra boost!  [more]
View Mods3 Stage 2 Power Kit - SHIPPED FREE!!!  
Mods3 Stage 2
Stepping up to a great sounding slip on exhaust by Yoshimura and increasing RPMs with the DYNA FS will have your 400 singing a nice new note at some higher RMPS! [more]
View Mods3 440EX Racing Kit Stage 3  
Mods3 stage 3
Choose your poison 416 or 426cc to deliver the fatal blows to your buddy's 450!  Ultra Reliable and packed with hand picked, quality to turn your 400ex into a monster!  [more]


Honda ATV Parts Our Take on the 400EX
Where would the sport be today if it weren't for Honda's 400EX.  From the second you sit on this quad and hit the throttle you feel like you've owned it for years.  It's not as a popular of a choice as it was back in the day and may be a little under powered compared to the new 450s but man what a fun quad to wheelie up and down the pits.  If you're loyal to your 400EX and want to get it up to par with the new 450s we definatly have some really cool Mods for you.  Have fun shopping and if you should have any questions feel free to give us a call.  732-385-7423
TRX 400EX Part Recommendations
Best Power upgrade for under $150 bucks
  The Mods3 Stage One power kit has become a starting point for so many 400ex riders and is an easy way to get some more sound and attitude from that Honda motor.  The K&N air filter is the best breather in the industry, easiest to clean and when cared for properly is guaranteed to last the duration of the machine...yes, even though it's a Honda wiseguy.  Exhaust mod option available as well.  [stage 1 kit] also see [stage 2] and [stage 3]
Best Exhaust for your 400EX
  There are so many exhaust companies out there and so much message board drama so lets get to the bottom of this.  If you want that ground smashing power and don't mind a loud pipe get a Curtis Sparks Pipe...you will not be disappointed.  At $559 the craftsmanship is top notch and the boys over sparks really got their act together and put out a great finished product.  For a slip on exhaust the Two Brothers puts out a serious bark and throws that power to the wheels in dirt churning bursts.  The Yoshimura pipes are perfect, the play a great note on the 400ex and put out some nice linear power.  Solid looking design, nice bark in the higher RPS and available in both slip on or full system.
Keeping up with the 450s and Zs.
  Man its been a while since we've updated the 400ex section and we'll leave the old info below so you still have it but it's 2010 now and with the 2011 models coming out it's getting harder for the 400 guys to stay with these 450s, 700s and so on.  We have learned in this time that the 416 and 426 kits are the way to go for the serious trail riders and coupled with a good cam our 400s can stay with any pack in the trails.  Basically just keep up on your maintenance and if you stay under 426ccs on your rebuilds you'll be around for a while.

We know you love your 400EX just as we do and you don't want to sell out to the over populated 450 groupies.  We know you want to sport a big bumper sticker that says, "Who Needs a 450."  You're going to need to do a couple of things to get your EX up to part with a 450.  We have 2 motor upgrades that are available.  A 416 and a 440 kit both by Wiseco.  The advantage of the 416 kit is that you don't have to bore the cylinder out only the sleeve.  This is not the case with the 440 kit.  We've drag raced these 2 kits time and time again on straights and on hills.  It seems that the 440 kit has more grunt getting up the hills but on the straights the 2 quads are just about even with the 440 having a bit more bottom end.