Star Tron Gas Additive - Prevents Ethanol Problems
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48 gallons treated$7.95
256 gallons treated$19.99
With the increased allowance by our government for the amount of ethanol allowed in our gas, our machines are suffering. I'm seeing carburators and fuel systems get eatin alive. This is a must have for anyone with a recreational gas motor!

Ethanol / E10 fuels increase the amounts of water and sludge in your fuel tank.
Star Tron breaks down this excess water and sludge to sub-micron size allowing it to be safely burned away during normal engine operation.
Therefore Star Tron prevents phase separation and fuel gelling, eliminating ethanol fuel problems.

Star TronŽ cleans the entire fuel delivery system, removing performance robbing gum and varnish deposits while modifying how gas and diesel burn, this results in more complete and uniform combustion and therefore better fuel economy.

With the removal of harmful engine deposits and an increase in combustion efficiency, exhaust emissions are greatly reduced. This results in cleaner air and cleaner boat transoms as black exhaust smoke is noticeably reduced.
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