Polaris ATV Power Kit Phoenix Hawkeye Sportsman Trail Boss Trail Blazer Magnum Predator Outlaw
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The Mods3 stage 1 power kit for the Polaris Utility Quads was put together to increase power without sacrificing reliability or requiring more maintenance. If you are a recreational rider that enjoys the stock look, sound, and feel of your machine but would like to unlock it's potential this is the kit for you. Uni filters are the best in the business for a foam application. We chose the foam application for our stage 1 kit because of it's ability to filter all debris from fine dust particles to the larger grains of sand while increasing air flow. These filters are reusable and when serviced properly with the kit included in this package you'll enjoy years of use! The Moose Racing Jet kit will increase fuel to your machine. Due to EPA regulations Honda has to meet certain requirements from the factory in order to sell these machines to the public. The Jet Kit will simply get your machine the fuel it needs for maximum power without sacrificing reliability. The Jet kit can accommodate this kit, an aftermarket exhaust or even a future cam upgrade. It has all the jets you need for these scenarios. Uni 6 pack of Air Vents. If you are submerging your machine I would not recommend installing these but they only cost 10 bucks so I'm including them in the package anyway. This is the safest way to get more air through your box without letting in debris. Simply drill 6 holes to the specified measurement listed on the packaging and snap these filters into place. You'll immediately hear the difference in your engine and feel the power increase. Fits the following Polaris ATVS - select your model on the right 200 Phoenix 05-06 200 Phoenix 07-11 300 Hawkeye 06-11 300 Sportsman 08-10 325 Trail Boss 00-01 325 Magnum 00-02 330 Trail Boss 10-11 330 Trail Blazer 08-09 330 Trail Blazer 10-11 330 Magnum 03-06 400 Sportsman HO 08-10 400 Ranger 10-11 450 Outlaw MXR 08-10 500 Sportsman 99-00 500 Sportsman H.O. 01-06 500 Sportsman H.O. 08-11 500 Scrambler H.O. 98-09 500 Scrambler H.O. 10-11 500 Predator 03-07 500 Outlaw 06-07 525 Outlaw IRS & S 07-11 600 Twin Sportsman 03-05 700 Twin Sportsman 02-06

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