LTZ400 Hot Cams
Price: $159.95
For Racing - Recommed you change both at same time.

New style cams updated with improved cam sprocket. Intake - Improves mid to upper end power. Adjustable cam. Please note that the DID Cam Chain is heavy duty chain that will not wear like the stock chain. What sets Hot Cams apart from other camshafts? - Convenience and engineering! Hot Cams is the first camshaft company to produce its own coreds for the dirt bike and ATV market. This means no more core changes or having to send in your camshaft for welding. It also means hard facing your rocker arms is no longer required. Buy a Hot Cams and simply install it. We have done all the engineering for you - no need for aftermarket valve springs or piston cuttong on almost all our our camshafts. Buy both Cams and get a $20 discount!

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